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Do you feel like you don’t have a foothold in your work circuit? Or maybe you lack confidence when it comes to showcasing your art? Look no further because this book has been curated just for you!

Unlike other professions, the artist community does not have a space in the co-working ecosystem, or access to well-lit studios that allow you to spill some paint and not stress over it. Through our experimental space ArtBuzz Studios, we were able to put together a sharing studio concept specially designed for artists and creative professionals. The idea was to help them set up a workspace without having to worry about staggering costs and maintenance.

Our extensive interaction with younger artists and their journey, gave us an insight into what goes missing in making a mark in the art world. This book is a product of our research that will help creative professionals to establish themselves in a more organized and informed fashion – it’s never too late to be a smarter artist!

A guidebook for both young and experienced professionals, it’s never too late to be smart about your art!


What's in the book?

The Smart Artist is a storehouse of information that can kickstart your career and help you achieve a better understanding of the art world. In this book you will read six chapters that cover different areas of being a creative professional.

CHAPTER 1. Becoming a smarter artist

This focuses on how to be an artist, which allows someone to be considered an artist, how to sustain discipline, etc.

CHAPTER 2. Navigating the art market

Helps you to find out how to sell your work through a gallery after being so

CHAPTER 3. How do you promote art?

Learn how to promote your art, on the brand building lines, contributed by Flint Culture.

CHAPTER 4. Know your rights

Learn This chapter allows you to learn what are the rights of an artist, focusing on copyright issues etc.

CHAPTER 5. How to manage your art

As a creative professional do you really know how to manage your income and taxes?

CHAPTER 6. Furthering your practice

Life outside the classroom is hard for creative professionals. Learn the tricks of your trade. Basic knowledge about residencies, exhibitions etc.

By the end of it, you’ll know exactly how to build a body of work, approach prospective employers the right way, navigate the art market and promote yourself online, among many other things. This is what you have been waiting for! Now really make your career!

About the Contributors

Ria Sarkar

Ria Sarkar is an art writer and editor based in New Delhi.She holds a Masters in History of Art from the prestigious SOAS University in London and has written extensively about Modern and Contemporary Art for various leading art magazines, online journals and websites includingArt Radar Asia and Art & Deal. She was the editor (arthub) and exhibition coordinator at Anant Art Gallery where she worked closely with upcoming as well as established artists, getting to know their struggles at close quarters. Experienced in online publishing, she specializes in conducting artist interviews and writing art historical pieces. Her passion is to bring art to the uninitiated as well as the enthusiast through workshops, museum tours and talks. @myste_ria |

Priyanshi Saxena

Priyanshi Saxena is an art advisor and Founder/Director of the project IAM `{`Indian Art Market`}`. She is also a curator and writer; keenly working on restructuring and reviving the Indian Art Market, from ground up (looking at the tier B city markets). She has worked with contemporary and modern South Asian Art galleries (working on institutional acquisitions, and international art fairs); and an art foundation, curating exhibitions in Delhi; and among others, worked on a collateral project at the 56th Venice Biennale. She has also written extensively on contemporary art practices and collecting. @ashiola | @iam.indianartmarket

Flint Culture

Flint Culture is an award-winning international communications consultancy for the arts, culture, design, travel and luxury sectors, specialising in brand management, audience engagement and business development. With offices in London, Dubai, Istanbul, New Delhi and Mumbai, Flint offers a bespoke communications service that combines specialist expertise and local insight with a genuinely global network.

Aruna Chawla

Aruna Chawla is an independent lawyer and policy consultant based out of Delhi. She has extensive experience in art, luxury, culture and fashion laws. Her consultancy is focused on business compliances and development, along with a strong commitment to ensuring the integration of social justice in business practices. She was selected as one of the 30 fellows for the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policy’s Arts Rights Justice Academy 2018, at University of Hildesheim, Germany. She was also invited as one of the provocateurs at the Safe Havens Conference 2018, in Malmo, Sweden. Her experience in social justice and commercial legal advisory has contributed to her current work in the intersection of technology policy and digital rights. [email protected]

Pragun Jindal

Pragun is a keynote speaker and an Amazon Bestselling author on Public Tax Policy. He is noted for his work in the field of Tax Research and for spreading awareness on financial literacy. He has been writing since the age of 19 and has presented papers, articles and solutions in various fields such asblack money, curbing tax evasion, and financial literacy in the youth. Pragun authored his first book The Black White & Grey: Recoloring The Rupiah; which was published by Money Worries, in which he redefines the relationship between money and taxes. He is based out of New Delhi and works as a Tax Associate at Jindal & Company, Chartered Accountants. [email protected]

Amisha Chowbey

AmishaChowbey is a freelance art writer and the co-founder of ArtBuzz India. She has written for various publications like Hindustan Times Brunch, The New Indian Express, Financial Times, Tehelka and Indian Contemporary Art Journal, to name a few. Besides this, she has also trained as an Art Conservator at a private studio in New Delhi. Her work at ArtBuzz Studios has enabled her to interact closely with young artists, understanding their perspective and looking at possible solutions to build their career graph in the field of art. [email protected]| @amishachowbey

Finally a guide book for how to build an artistic career. Hopefully it will have many useful pointers.

Ritika Singh

Have just placed my order for this book. Really looking forward to receiving it, I am a recent graduate and really struggle with building my portfolio and artist statement.

Alka Monga

Just randomly reached this page on social media, looks like the book is going to answer many questions I had. Especially regarding promotions and contract making.

Seema Ahuja